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Library of Civil Disobedience

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People Power: An Interview With David Solnit Last Updated on 2009-11-15 00:00:00  By Katie Renz | Tue March 22, 2005 12:00 AM PST David Solnit has been trying to change the world since high school, when he joined a campaign to abolish draft registration. Since then, the Bay Area-based carpenter, activist, and puppeteer, now 41, has been on the frontlines of direct action, protesting the US role in Central America, in the 1980s, free trade deals in the 1990s, and, lately, the US intervention in Iraq. As a member (and co-founder) of Art and Revolution, a loose-knit collective combining art and theater with direct action. This creativity-with-a-purpose stands in a colorful tradition of theatrical dissent, from the Diggers, the Yippies, and the French Situationists of the 1960s. Solnit and his predecessors subvert the system, and point to alternatives, showing, by means of blatant contrast, how fundamentally flawed the “normal” state... More »
MUST READ -- Debating Climate Change Skeptics Last Updated on 2009-03-06 17:36:32 Please Click this Link: www.skepticalscience.com/page.php Climate change skeptics use a very limited number of arguments.  This great site has compiled the most common of them in order of how often they are used, and trains you on countering them all.  Remember, when a skeptic talks to you, they assume that you represent all of those who know that climate change is real and man-caused.  So, represent!  Don't get pigeon-holed! www.skepticalscience.com/page.php More »